Writing Samples

Essay: On Wholeness and Devotion | Currere Exchange Journal

The authors use the regressive step of currere to explore conceptions of wholeness and devotion. Dawe’s autobiographical narratives investigate the queer search for wholeness. Read the full feature here.

Feature: Boulder Weekly "Laugh Until it Hurts"

Colorado Queer Comedy Festival finds the funny in the struggle for self-identity. Read the full feature here.

Poetry: Death is a Friend of a Friend

#1 New Release in LGBTQ+ Poetry on Amazon, February 2023. Available here.
Poisonous time:
We won't survive it,
None of us.

Poetry: Things on Fire | Collaborative Appalachian Poems.

An Appalachian poetry collection written collaboratively exploring concepts of age, class, love, and coming of age in Appalachia. You can purchase the full collection here.  

Resources: You Can Play's 2022 Pride Playbook 

Graphic designer and content creator for the You Can Play Project's 2021-2022 Pride Playbook for NHL teams.

Blog: Trans Youth Access to Healthcare Under Attack

Blog post for Out Boulder County on new Alabama legislature criminalizing access to healthcare for trans youth. Impact, political context, and action items discussed.
You can read the full piece here.  

Interview: On Empathy, Emotional Labor, and Allyship: Meet 2 Transgender Employees Dedicated to 2U's Mission

I had the privilege of being interviewed as one of 2U's BRN leaders and, personally, as a transgender man, to speak on the joys and struggles of queer identities in a corporate environment. You can read the full piece here

Radio: "WVPB & NPR's Struggle to Stay" 

 In April of 2017, West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s podcast, Inside Appalachia, launched a series of stories called “The Struggle to Stay”. Reporters have spent about a year following the lives of six individuals as they decide if they will stay or leave home - and how they survive either way.
Listen to the full piece here

2U Blog: "5 Ways to Build An Inclusive Future"

For International Persons with Disabilities Day, 2U released a blog piece about how to create inclusivity in the workplace I contributed to. You can read the full piece here.

Business Analysis: "2U/edX: Accessibility, Affordability, Sustainability"

This project aims to analyze 2U's merger with edX and its implications on operations, culture, financial ratios, and accessibility services both within the company (in regards to DEI) and external to the company (in regards to its educational offerings). You can view the whole piece here

Poetry: "Old Gold"

"You are a love token
A threepence fantasia
A spell smelted into the same life as me.
Bent, devout, running into war,

You can get the full collection here

Poetry: "You Have to Die for Them to Love You"

"We spilled so much crimson,
I'm surprised our purple hearts aren't black and blue.
But you're too hazel to give up your fatigues,
even if the sky is dressed in black
with nothing underneath."

You can get the full collection here

Script: "I Will Put Out the Sun: Scenes from the Beat Hotel"

Set in Paris mid 20th century, this historical fiction pieces focuses on the poetic works created by Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs and company while exploring queer love and creating an underground artistic community.

You can read the full script here.

Script: "Helping Jack Die"

A comedy about euthanasia, family conflict, living with and healing from generational trauma.
You can read the full script here.

Script: "Poor Richard"

Bringing Benjamin Franklin's immortal characters from Poor Richard's almanac to life to look back on an early founding father's unconventional diplomacy in the 18th century.
You can read the full script here.

Visual Storytelling

While writing is my bread and vegan butter, it's important to continually adapt our communication models to fit the changing times. Storytelling through visual media is an equally important way of conveying information--professional or personal. 
You can check out my visual media portfolio below!